Why Jose Mourinho may have much to fear from Gennaro Gattuso in the future

Sharon Wong

Mourinho sulking
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Jose Mourinho may think his takeover of Manchester United’s a sure thing, but he’s certainly got an enthusiastic contender for the position. Gennaro Gattuso, formerly of AC Milan and an Italy midfielder, has his eye firmly trained on that managerial seat at Old Trafford.

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38-year old Gattuso has certainly got the professional chops for the position. He’s currently managing Lega Pro side Pisa, capped off a distinguished 13-year career at AC Milan with 2 Serie A titles and two Champions League trophes and garnered Italy some World Cup fame in 2016.

Just the man for the job

To add to his already impressive cover letter, Gennaro has a whole lot of gusto for the position. He may play for Serie A, but he’s totally obsessed with English football and even records games in the Championship. He’s convinced that the Premier League is the best division in the world and really wants a slice of that pie. He’s so devoted that he’d make it to Manchester on foot if offered the place.


“I’d walk there. I’d even go tomorrow,” he told the Sun, “[Sir Alex] Ferguson has always respected me – and I have always admired the Premier League which, for me, is the best league in the world.”

There’s something about his unbridled fervor that feels rather more endearing than Mourinho’s confident presumption that he’s already got the position. Sometimes, you want someone who simply loves the team and English football, not a celebrity manager who just wants to add more notches to his belt. We think that appointing someone like Gattuso could be a step towards making football about football, not about egos.

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