Young Beliebers must be so jealous of Bubba Watson’s son right now

Sharon Wong

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Bubba Watson’s son Caleb has it really good or really bad, depending on whether you’re a Belieber or not. Wherever you stand on that spectrum, you can’t deny that there’s a certain star quality to having the likes of Justin Bieber come to your home and teach you how to rock it on a drum set. We wouldn’t have imagined that the Biebs was an accomplished drummer. He’s not quite what you envision when you think rockstar. But then again, he did win his first Grammy last week and is music’s most recognizable household name. So we think he should know a thing or two about beating out a solid rhythm or two. At least, proud parent Bubba Watson seems to be satisfied.

We do wish Bubba had uploaded a video of the lesson though. We would like to judge Bieber’s drumming prowess for ourselves.