Donald Trump Goes Full Savage When Asked If He Would Beat Obama At Golf

Donald Trump is a savage. That is really the only way to explain this man, which I would say is not a positive attribute.

When asked if he would beat Obama in golf, he guffaws and answers quickly that of course he would beat him. He goes on to talk about all of the “club championships” he’s won, which let me remind you, were probably all at his own clubs. I’ve been at one of these tournaments before and it is a known fact that Trump cheats when he’s on the course.

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Trump recently stated that he thought Obama played too much golf, and yet in this interview he is saying that it’s ok to golf as President, as long as you’re making deals while doing so. I don’t even want to know the type of deals Trump would make on the golf course regarding The United States.

If you hadn’t heard, Jeb Bush forgot to renew his website rights and so guess who bought it? Trump. Now when you go to “”, you’ll see Trump’s smiling face. SAVAGE.

Feb 18, 2016 14:59