WATCH: Pro Shows The World Why He’s The Undefeated Ping-Pong Champion On Tour

Introducing Matt Kuchar a.k.a “the ping-pong wizard”. The American’s skills are a thing of legend on tour, he is undefeated and is known to let his opponents drift into a 3-point lead late in the game before turning on the heat when it matters.  

Kuch commenting during the 2014 Ryder Cup: “I think Jordan was the one guy that challenged me to singles, and he got what he knew he was going to get. But it was a lot of fun just to…with the amount of doubles happening because there’s, again, the team atmosphere of it, and there’s so many people involved.” 

The man. The myth. The ping-pong legend. Matt Kuchar takes down another opponent, impressing with his off-the-course skills

Posted by PGA TOUR on Thursday, February 18, 2016