WATCH: Defender Smashes Own Goalie Then Gets Wrecked

face smash gif

This double whammy is almost as rare as the unassisted triple play.

The Nacional defender tries to clear the ball in the face of danger but things don’t go as planned.

After his goalie’s botched header leaves the team caught out, the defender expertly places himself between the ball and the goal to prevent Palmieras from scoring off the ricochet.

The referee then stops play so the goalie can apologize for muddling things up.

Well done, boys.

This bizarre anti-highlight reminds me of this hilarious clip.

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Yes, soccer can be a cruel game.

There’s nothing in sports that stings quite like losing a hard fought match in a penalty shootout. Even losing in a golden goal overtime (back when they were fashionable) was more palatable than being undone by kicks from the mark.

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But penalty kicks are also the most riveting few minutes of a match.

As a fan, you’ve got to stand up, gasp, and touch your face a lot with your hands to bring your team luck.

It’s impossible to be a proper nervous wreck sitting down.

What’s the worst way to lose?

Golden Goal

Penalty Kicks