WATCH: Tomas Rosicky’s one-liner transformed him into an Arsenal cult hero overnight

Sharon Wong

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Tomas Rosicky has quite the way with words, as it turns out. Eager to end his tenure at Arsenal with a bang, he wielded his tongue with laser accuracy and proceeded to do some damage. His targets? Why, Tottenham Hotspurs. How else does one reach mythic status in Arsenal, anyway?

Of course, we mustn’t forget that Rosicky’s actually a football player too. I mean, he’s been a talented midfielder for the Gunners for over ten years and might have gone on to do some truly great things if his career hadn’t been quite so blighted by injury. No matter. For all the goals he isn’t netting on the pitch, he made up for it with some truly witty repartee during an interview. When asked what the best and worst things about London were, he slew it with answers that would have had any self respecting Arsenal fan howling with glee.

He may be leaving, but his fierce loyalty to the Gunners is very much intact.

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