Chiellini Claims Ronaldo Easier To Defend Than Messi

Source: Michael Regan/Getty Images


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“Cristiano Ronaldo is a player you mark by trying to prevent him from coming inside on his right foot. As for Messi, you just make the sign of the cross and pray.”

— Giorgio Chiellini

Juventus Defender dished up some insider knowledge in a recent interview he did with Eurosport magazine.

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If anyone’s qualified to speak on the issue, it’s Chiellini. The three time Serie A defender of the year has over 500 caps in Italy’s top division and is approaching 100 with the Azzurri.

Of all the ups and downs that the Italian defender has been through in his career, losing to Barcelona last year in the Champions League still eats at him.

“We could have won it. We had the chances and we could have done better. It wasn’t a perfect game from us, but if we get another opportunity, we will be ready for it.”

— Giorgio Chiellini

After playing Bayren Munich to a 2-2 draw in the first leg of the round of 16, The Old Lady of Italian football needs to hold serve at home if they want to advance to the quarter-finals and and eventually get another crack at Barca.

Who would you rather defend?