Kingslayer: the story of Vivek Ranadive

Ryan Shea

Vivek Ranadive has never been shy about his passion and enthusiasm for basketball, but his ideas on concept about what his team should do? They have always been highly questionable. Couple that with his inability to stay out of basketball decisions, and well, you have a bit of a nightmare scenario.

Vivek Ranadive once said his team should implement cherry picking! Yes, he wanted his team to play 4 v 5 basketball with one of his players waiting for the ball at the other end. He cited it worked extremely well for his daughter’s basketball team. He once tried it in a pro-game, here are the results:

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Then, he entered into the Kings draft room on draft day and completely disregarded his entire staff and picked “his guy,” Nik Stauskas when the team desperately needed a point guard, Elfrid Peyton.

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After Stauskas ended up becoming a complete bust, Vivek lashed out at his staff and fired his Coach and General Manager and blamed everyone around him for his failures. Stauskas ended up getting traded to the 76ers for a year of Netflix and some late night snacks. Chill.

Ranadive tried to start fresh with new management, hiring a new General Manager in Vlade Divac, (although, the GM was still in position at the time before getting fired) and a new coach in George Karl. Well, the Kings weren’t able to keep the media out and it was reported George Karl wanted the Kings star player DeMarcus Cousins out of Sacramento. That lead to a season-long rift of tension between the star-player and coach. George Karl eventually was fired and Sacramento found itself in a position where players and coaches alike were uncomfortable.

You would think after a full round of hiring a fairly respected, honest coach out of Memphis, David Joerger and a fresh General Manager in Vlade Divac, the swirling drama and nearsighted philosophies would simply go away, right? Vivek even hashed out some of his flaws in an interview, which many credentialed staff members lashed out against and claimed were false. Oh well.

The answer to that question is no, Vivek Ranadive stepped in this time and traded his star player, DeMarcus Cousins because he thought his newest, latest sensational player would become THE NEXT STEPHEN CURRY.

Insert Buddy Hield, a rookie who has struggled to do start, despite a pretty wide open slot at Shooting Guard with one of the leagues most offensive minded coaches in Alvin Gentry. About the only thing that might have impressed the kings is the fact that he punched Cousins in the nuts a few weeks ago.

I guess that’s one way to impress your new boss.

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