Watch: John Daly Perfectly Executes One-Handed Trick Shot

John Daly is known for being a little bit outside the lines of normal, but then what is normal. Daly is just a fun, wacky, guy who doesn’t conform to any social norms (refer to very loud pants in video below). Although he may smoke cigarettes and enjoys his beer on the course, he is just as good a player as any of the other professionals. It honestly makes him more down to Earth, having vices just like the rest of us and not being shy about it. I half expected him to have a cigarette in his empty hand.

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Daly was recently shown doing a one-handed trick shot with Trevor Consavage. Daly executed the one-handed chip, while Consavage bombs it down the fairway. They make it look so easy, but it is actually a very tricky shot (hence the name trick shot). It’s awesome to see professionals having fun and trying to pull off trick shots just because they can.

John Daly & Trevor Consavage having a little fun on the tee! @pga_johndaly @trevthemachoman #golf #johndaly #trickshot

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