These Two Two Hole-In-Ones Will Persuade You Golf Is The Greatest Sport On Earth

  • Marie Bos is an Amateur who had her hole-in-one caught on film. Ryan Moore hit his in the 4th round at Riviera.
  • As golfers we can occasionally outdo a professional.

hole in one

I love all sports but nothing compares to golf. We all have to, at some point or other, sit through a frustrating conversation with someone who will doggedly deny that golf is a sport. It just strikes me as stupid and unnecessary. Is baseball not a sport because the pitcher is stationary? As a Rugby fan I struggle to understand why American Football insists on specialised jobs; is the kicker not a sportsman because his role isn’t particularly ‘sporty’.

The problem with golf is that it still has a stigma, we are still seen as ‘the kicker’ of sports. It’s particularly annoying because golf possesses a quality that makes it truly unique. It the only sport where the amateur can regularly better the professional, even the worst golfer can have momentary flashes of brilliance.

Ryan Moore makes ace at No. 16Ryan Moore aced the 16th at Riviera, meaning a year’s worth of mortgage payments for one lucky fan, courtesy of Quicken Loans.

Posted by PGA TOUR on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Millions of people will watch sport, form opinions, obsess over it, but not many will actually play. Finding a golf fan who isn’t a golfer is like finding a Starbucks coffee that doesn’t taste like tobacco spit.

Better still, we are all capable of momentary perfection that you simply don’t get in other sports, we could potentially play a golf shot that would better Jordan Spieth’s effort. Could you beat Pavel Datsyuk at any aspect of Ice Hockey? Could you return a Federer serve, could you connect with A Vernon Philander pitch? The answer is no. Golfers get to revel in the euphoria of a perfect shot which gives us a connection to the professional. We can empathise with every miss putt, water shot, lip-out, chip-in, you get the picture.

Marie Bos Hole-in-OneA hole-in-one is the ultimate moment for every golfer. What’s your story?

Posted by United States Golf Association – USGA on Sunday, February 21, 2016

I watched the USGA video amused by the ridiculousness of Marie Bos’ celebration when it struck me that this is what somebody does when they’re completely overwhelmed by a situation. For a moment Marie stopped giving a shit about anything other than a silly gig that appropriately expressed her joy. Like a javelin thrower who successfully competes, or a baseball player who nails a walk off, Marie shared her enjoyment in the same way Ryan Moore did. Golf seems a worthy Olympic sport because it’s so connected with its followers.