This Is The Best Dad Joke In Golf History


Who hasn’t received a text from their dad and realized in that moment he is absolutely ridiculous? These types of conversations can be called daddy-isms, or most commonly known as dad jokes.

This one kid received a text from their dad saying “Eagle on 16”. Being the nice offspring they are, they congratulated their dad, because lets face it, although dads may golf a lot, Eagles are a rare thing among the average golfer.

Then this happened:

Tag a mate who loves a good dad joke ???? Cred – @thegreenjacket #golfgods #dadpls #dadjokes #eaglehunting

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Because what are dads for? To make stupidly hilarious dad jokes all day long. If I got this text from my dad I would have been rolling around dying of laughter, although I probably would have received it from my mom. Mom Jokes?


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