Bubba Watson wants to be a better human being, not a better golfer

Sharon Wong

Bubba Watson
Source: MCT

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Perhaps we could have anticipated Bubba Watson’s victory at the Northern Trust Open. He’s a bit of a wild card as far as tour pros go, and an extremely skilled one at that. His unorthodox swing intrigued the likes of Tiger Woods when Watson first appeared on the PGA Tour and has caused his fellow golfers to stop and watch when he’s on the practice range. His distinct playing style certainly tided him over well in this latest triumph. The best thing about it? He doesn’t even work on it with a coach. It’s all him and he rightfully calls it “Bubba Golf”.

“I’m not trying to do anything. I don’t work on anything,” he said, “I just play golf. I see a shot and try to hit it. I’m scared to death on most of them, but I try to hit it anyway.”

However, he’s not quite as intuitive when it comes to relating to other human beings. His conduct is often upsetting to fellow players and the general public alike. He’s been known to walk right past journalists and fans, throw tantrums on course and shoot off his mouth in the most inappropriate of circumstances. His most recent offense, dissing the TPC Scottsdale, got him booed off course at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. And who could forget him irately screaming, “MUD BALL!” at his caddie at the Hero World Challenge?


All the bad press has prompted Bubba Watson to indulge in some self-reflection, even though he typically likes to put an indifferent face to the baying crowd.

“Deep down, the human side of me, yes, I’m pretty mad about it,” he admitted, “But I’ve got to get over it. I’ve got to be a better man. And with those comments, I’ve got to figure out how to answer things better. All the stuff going on in my head that we’ve been working on in the last 11 years of PGA Tour life, I’ve got to be better at it. I think I’ve made the right steps, but the bad stuff is going to pop up every once in a while.”


Aside from the ire he’s been generating in the golf world, a big catalyst to self-improvement would be the support of his wife, Angie.

“Angie is a saint. For her to marry me… she might have issues too, I guess.” We hope he helps her with them, if he’s right.