Has Tiger Woods’ Back Condition Worsened?

  • Robert Lusetich tweeted saying Tiger’s conditions have worsened
  • Tiger Woods’ agent fired back saying these reports are false
Associated Press
Associated Press


Robert Lusetich, who has been close to Tiger Woods for years, tweeted today that his back conditions have in fact worsened. Many believe an update from Lusetich is solid because of his history with Woods.

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He also tweeted the fact that Tiger got “unlucky” with his back surgery because it has a 90-95% success rate, hinting at the fact that his surgery was unsuccessful. More like screaming it actually.

Whether or not his first tweet is true, his second tweet has no merit. Lusetich is no doctor, and who is he to say if the surgery was a success or not. Many golfers who have had this surgery have needed a year or more time to heal and get back on the course. There is no need to rush Tiger to only injure himself again. If it’s true that there is a large percentage of success’s than there should be no reason for Tiger to not recover. It may take him more time because of his age but that doesn’t mean we won’t see him back on tour.

Tiger’s agent responded to these tweets, making this statement:

“The tweets that appeared this weekend about Tiger’s health are ridiculous and absolutely false. It’s reprehensible that every few months someone makes something up and it’s treated like a real story,” Steinberg said. “Tiger continues to work on his rehabilitation and we will have an accurate update at the appropriate time.”

It seems no one truly knows how Tiger Woods is doing at this moment in time. Although we may not see him tee off at The Masters this year, we have no seen the end of Tiger Woods.


“I understand this is very different,” said Woods in December. “Does that mean I’m not going to rehab and train and fight to get back? Of course I am. I’m far from being done.”