Disloyal Adrian Has Paid The Price For His Toxic Critique Of Inori

Following the announcement that Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng would join Team Liquid for the remainder of the Spring Split, TL continued to invest in their roster, bringing in Phoenix1 Support, Adrian “Adrian” Ma. Whilst the move is naturally of benefit to Team Liquid, it also marks the end of the sour internal conflict between Adrian and Phoenix1 Jungler, Rami “Inori” Charagh.

The previously unknown spat was brought to the attention of the community in the immediate aftermath of Phoenix1’s victory over Counter Logic Gaming in Week 6 of the NA LCS. Due to personal reasons, Inori had opted to take a short break from professional play to return home to Canada; former Cloud9 Jungler William “Meteos” Hartman was drafted in to take his place.

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Following an impressive display from P1’s stand-in Jungler, Adrian took the opportunity to praise Meteos’ performance… whilst simultaneously disrespecting absent teammate Inori:

“When I play with Meteos I feel like I have a really experienced Jungler playing with me. He really understands the game, how to Jungle and how to path around the map.

“He takes every piece of information I give him and actually thinks about how he’s gonna play around the map.

“He’s using his brain, so it feels really good to play with a Jungler like that.”

Adrian “Adrian” Ma

The statements immediately sparked a response from Inori, who issued a (now-deleted) response on social media before speaking openly about the conflict in an interview with Blitz eSports. It is now understood the relationship between the two players became unsustainable, potentially resulting in Adrian’s rapid exit:

Source: BlitzEsports/Twitter


“Right now, I kinda feel like I’m being rejected from my team because there’s a certain player that doesn’t want to play with me, which is kinda silly.

“I could have been a better teammate to them, and I want to be the best teammate I can be going forward.”

Rami “Inori” Charagh

Inori’s interview solidified that there were some hidden issues behind the scenes at Phoenix1, providing explanation as to why Phoenix1 traded Adrian without having a strong replacement at the ready. Whilst it is often ill-advised to make roster swaps halfway through the split, due to the lack of talent available, P1 have been fortunate enough to find an LCS replacement in Dignitas Sub Support William “Stunt” Chen.

Unclear of the extent of the issues between Adrian and Inori makes it difficult to know how much was on the line for these players, though it is clear that they have issues with each other that lie beyond the rift. Whether Adrian was eager to leave the team or was pushed out of the door by his organisation is yet to be officially confirmed, though the timing of the trade is certainly suggestive of the later. Inori will almost certainly return to the starting lineup for Phoenix1, cementing their LCS status ahead of a grudge match with Team Liquid in the summer.

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