This Scientific Breakthrough Just Changed Golf Forever

Golf has one silent enemy that this scientific breakthrough is about to go full super saiyan on!



A small biotech company in San Francisco, which involves three guys in their twenties, has started a phenomenon with their Glowing Plant Project. They have raised nearly $500,000 on Kickstarter to try to genetically engineer plants that will illuminate. Kyle Taylor, the chief scientist, has discovered how to add some DNA from elsewhere to plant cells that cause them to glow like fireflies.


The idea behind this whole project was for trees to be able to replace street lights. The trees will look normal during the day and then glow miraculously at night. There will be no need for wasted energy and we can repopulate the Earth with much needed plant life. So how does this relate to golf?


No Need To Fear The Sunset


Imagine the fairways lined with these trees and being able to golf 24/7. The sun would no longer be an enemy as it sets for the day. You would no longer fear wasted money on twilight rounds, thinking you might not make it to every hole before darkness fell. Top Golf already has the right idea with lit up targets and driving ranges, but to bring this to the course would be awesome. Many probably don’t want to spend the money on the electric bills for night golf, but now this would be as easy as planting trees.

Golf Courses Would Flourish


The more time able to spend on the golf course, the more money golf courses will make. Night golf would bring in different crowds, from avid golfers to party goers. There is no limit to the kind of marketing and revenue 24/7 golf could bring to the industry.

Growing The Social Scene


As the industry changes, the younger crowds need to be recognized. WE MATTER.

Golf needs to accommodate the young golfers who want to spend their money and their weekends with friends, drinking beers, and having fun. Night golf would allow for a more social scene in an industry that is lacking the participation of the majority. Friday and Saturday nights could be a meca for growing the game, and finally integrate golf with having a good time.

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The fact that this kickstarter is run by twenty-year-olds, shows you just how important this generation is for making things happen. Change is not a bad thing and it’s about time golf recognized that, especially when it also happens to help the environment, which golf needs to survive.

Although these trees may not be a reality for a while, it’s getting the ideas out there that will make it happen in the long run. Fingers crossed.