WATCH: Paige Spiranac makes a heart-stopping tee shot out of a very brave man’s mouth

Sharon Wong

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We confess, we don’t understand the epidemic of tee shots on the interwebs. There are all number of things that can go wrong. A tee bears an alarming resemblance to a nail and a driver makes an all too willing hammer for it. Quite aside from your tee stapling your tongue to your gums, you could be signing up for the worst kind of back alley reconstructive surgery. These perils seem imminent when we watch this video of Paige Spiranac hitting a tee shot from this Barstool Sports blogger’s mouth.

Just got done playing a quick round with @_paige.renee

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It really is alarming how close she comes to taking off half his face. The moment that tee bent in half was a hell of a heart-stopping moment for us. We thought he would walk away from this incident an irreparably changed man.

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Fortunately, alls well that ends well in this case. The blogger manages to escape with his facial structure intact and Paige Spiranac gets to maintain her reputation as one of social media’s most skilled golf personalities. However, to discourage you kids from trying this at home and expecting a good outcome every time, here’s what it looks like when it all goes wrong.