Stephen Curry Would Rather Play Golf Than Go To Disneyland

  • Coach Steve Kerr promised Stephen Curry he could go to Augusta National if they won the NBA Championship
  • Curry and Iguodala are going to Augusta on Tuesday

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Golf Digest


Stephen Curry is leading the NBA Warriors all the way to the top. On Monday they became the fastest team to 50 wins, with Curry putting up 8-10 points a quarter.

A promise was made to Curry and a couple of teammates, including Andre Iguodala, by there coach Steve Kerr in June. He told them that if The Warriors won the NBA Championship, he would use a connection to get them onto the Augusta National Golf Course.

After winning 102-92 against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday, they were ready to cash in that promise.

“When we won, I’m yelling at Steph, ‘We’re going to Augusta!'” Andre Iguodala said after Golden State beat the Hawks in six games. “You know how everybody goes to Disneyland? We’re going to Augusta.”



With a day off on Tuesday, CSN Bay Area reported that a foursome of Curry, Iguodala, team executive Jerry West and owner Joe Lacob are set to tee off at the course where Green Jackets are more beloved than Mickey Mouse.