The world’s most outlandish putt-putt golf course might force you to question life

Sharon Wong

Putt-putt wonderland
Source: Thierry Bal

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Most people think of a putt-putt golf course as a no-fuss way to unwind, not as an artistic statement. American artist Doug Fishbone was happy to turn convention on its head with his new nine-hole mini-course exhibit, Leisure Land Golf. The putt-putt course has been making the rounds around Europe, first showing in Venice and now coming to Nottingham, England. According to his website, the project is intended to demonstrate the “distillation of notions of consumerism and leisure as practiced at both the highest and the lowest socio-economic levels”. We’d say it certainly marries disparate elements to weave compelling narratives.

Source: Golf Digest

Take this hole, for instance. There’s a floating hole of the United Kingdom, meant to symbolize a safe haven for errant immigrant balls (or refugees?) And a squatting green man whose inner conflict between his humble roots and loftier aspirations seems predominantly rooted in his bowels.

Source: Golf Digest

There’s also a hole flanked by the ill-fated Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that met a watery end in 2012.

Sunken ship

This isn’t Fishbone’s first foray into transformative golf courses. In 2012, his project Adventureland Golf featured a statue of Saddam Hussein toppling. Relevant.

Source: Golf Digest

We commend Doug Fishbone for putting the thinking into a thinking man’s game. We’re sure his courses will soon inspire many a budding creative mind to see golf as an experience that transcends the mere hitting of a ball into a hole.