Messi Stomps On Ronaldo’s Ego In Conclusive Popularity Contest

Messi Stamping On Ronaldo



British Men Find Lionel Messi More Exciting Than Ronaldo


Champions League sponsors Nissan have teamed up with researchers from Loughborough University to discover the formula behind what makes football exciting for fans.

The study concluded that British men find watching Lionel Messi considerably more exciting than any other players in the Uefa Champions League – according to a survey which attempt to quantify excitement level’s through Nissan’s patented ‘Excitement Index’.

An overwhelming majority:


64% of Brits stated they found Messi the most exciting player to watch with Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez (47%) coming second and Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo (25%) languishing in third place.




Apparently, the team that British fans are most looking forward to seeing in next season’s champions league is the Premier League underdogs, Leicester City – whose imminent debut season in next season’s Uefa Champions League has already got fans on the edge of their seat in anticipation.


22% of Brits claimed they find Leicester exciting to watch, already ranking them above the two previous season’s beaten finalists, Atletico Madrid and Juventus.




British men get more excited about football than sex


56% of the men in Britain who took part in the survey, stated watching their favourite team provides them with more excitement than getting intimate with their loved ones…

Perhaps the least surprising result, when asked to rate the two aspects of their lives they found most exhilarating, nearly one in three (30%) claimed their football club was the most exciting aspect of their football-centric lives, compared to less than one in five (16%) who chose their profession.

58% of Brits see the Uefa Champions League final as the event they look forward to most in the entire calendar year, with 23% ensuring the date of the final in Milan is kept free in their diary for the end of the season.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


More than 5,000 people in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain were surveyed last month.

Nissan will be carrying out live more ‘excitement experiments’ with football fans during Uefa Champions League games over the forthcoming weeks.


Which Player Do You Find More Exciting To Watch?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi