These Pro Golfers Will Never Tweet In Anger Again!

Ian Poulter

Poults is a notoriously divisive figure on Twitter, he’ll post about literally anything. Most recently we were treated to a vulgar showing of his ridiculous Ferrari collection and it was all a bit, “we get that you’re hugely successful but cam on!”

The Englishman felt the need to tell his 1.7 million twitter followers about the horrible conditions he and his family were subjected to whilst they were on a British Airways flight. Having paid for 6 business class tickets for his wife, four children and their nanny, Poults was outraged when one seat was downgraded to economy, leaving his wife to look after their kids for the duration of the flight. Twitter didn’t take kindly to this, with one follower commenting: “Well done for distancing yourself from approximately 98.3% of the population.” 

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Lee Westwood

The Englishman was trolled when his front nine 41 saw him plummet 26 places down the US Open leaderboard. Lee had put away a few drinks and was in no mood to take flack from a bunch of “underachievers”. Many consider him to be one of the best players to have never won a major – he has 42 professional wins in five continents. I’m sure he would rather forget this outburst and as with any player who drops the ball, he followed up the tirade with a sponsor induced apology. Classic.

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Steve Elkington

The Australian’s Twitter page deserves its very own article. The rap sheet is enormous! Steve perpetuates the unfair stereotype that Australians are racist, especially when he blames this cultural upbringing on his unbelievable number of gaffs.

Here is what he posted following the decision by Michael to make his sexuality public. Very uncomfortable from Steve.

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Nobody should have been surprised that he got involved when Bruce Jenner was undergoing hormone treatment.


Rory McIlroy

This was from way before he’d reached the top of his game and we love the rawness of those pre-PR days, back before sponsors came in and insisted on a code of behaviour. Rory’s got a serious bee in his bonnet about a certain British commentator who constantly challenged the player’s course management. Burn!

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Paul Azinger

Tiger withdrew from one of the first tournaments he was playing in after the break with ex-wife Ellen Nordegren. To add insult to injury Azinger suggested the former number one should relieve his painful neck with a Swedish massage. It was a pretty brutal joke, especially considering he had captained Tiger at a Ryder Cup the year before.