Wayne Rooney’s Hilarious St Patricks Day Fail Is His Latest Social Media Gaff

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


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Oh Wayne, social media is not your friend.

The England Captain’s latest fail involves a brilliant mix-up when wishing his Instagram fans a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

The geographically educated will notice immediately that the flag emoji he uses isn’t that of the Republic of Ireland… but the Ivory Coast!

To be fair to Wayne, it’s a fairly easy one to confuse – Spot the difference:


Ireland Ivory Coast


Nevermind Wayne… it can’t be as bad as some of your other social media blunders:


Source: Getty
Source: Getty


Instagram is just the latest in a long line of social media platforms upon which Wayne Rooney will inevitably embarrass himself.

Twitter has been the bane of the Man United forward’s life for half a decade now, producing some of the sites most infamous tweets:


English. Hard.



Not understanding how Direct Messages work.



The Time He Threatened To Knock Himself Out.



Always Believe in Snow.



You OK Mate?