You’ll be shocked to find even Michelle Wie was once a victim of bullying

Sharon Wong

Michelle Wie
Source: Shanna Lockwood/USA Today Sports

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Although Michelle Wie is better known as a statuesque, striking figure in the LPGA, she hasn’t always felt so beautiful. In an interview with Shape Magazine, she revealed that she too has gone through that insidious childhood ritual of being shamed for her looks. Apparently, the height that literally puts her head and shoulders above the rest these days was seen as a liability in the wilderness of her teenage years.


“It was tough, I was quite the chubby one growing up. I was very large. I was also 5’7″ when I was ten years old. Being that tall was tough — I was bullied in school.”

You’d think becoming a whiz on the golf course would do wonders for her popularity, but she claims that the spotlight only made everything worse.


“It was hard being really insecure and then being thrown into the spotlight. Let me just say that having a ‘Michelle Wie Day’ in sixth grade is not the best thing that can happen to you! It’s maybe the worst thing! It was this big accomplishment, but I was so embarrassed.”

But we all know how the story ends for her, especially if we’ve been paying any attention to Most Beautiful Women in Golf lists. There’s hope out there for all the awkward, too-tall junior golfers who wonder if there’s light at the end of abysmal youth.

United States' Michelle Wie encourages the crowd along the 15th fairway during a foursome match in the Solheim Cup golf tournament, Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, in Parker, Colo. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
Source: AP Photo/Chris Carlson