He Weighs 145 Pounds And Hit An 8-Iron 206 Yards!?

  • Justin Thomas is one of the longest hitters on Tour.
  • The 22-year-old is ranked 40th in the world.

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Justin Thomas is an incredible ball striker who just played an 8-iron 206 yards for his approach on the par-5 3rd. Listed at 145 pounds, Thomas has hit a 400 yard drive this year and averages 303 yards off the tee, making him won of the longest hitters in the game. Justin unleashed this beast during his first round at the Honda Classic.

Twitter has gone nuts for this shot but that didn’t stop some complete cheese pieces having their 2 cents on the matter. Yes it was a bit windy, but to say this shot isn’t a little impressive is just plain dumb. 

If you are curious how such a small man can hit such a big ball checkout this PGA TOUR video, once you overlook the pointless stuff there are some useful points made in this clip.