Want Rickie Fowler’s high-tops for yourself? You need to hurry up then.

Sharon Wong

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Source: Golf Digest

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If you’ve been experiencing a serious case of shoe envy after Rickie Fowler debuted those trademark high-tops at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, we have news for you. Demand for the shoes has reached such stratospheric heights that Puma has decided to make a limited number of its TitanTour Ignite Hi-Tops available for pre-order in black and white only.

Rickie Fowler
Source: golf.nl

Fowler’s exemplary footwear was inspired by his own sense of longing when he spotted Michelle Wie and Keegan Bradley in hi-tops last year. He took it up with Puma and asked for something similar, but uniquely him for 2016. “I wanted my own take [on this look]. It’s something fun. Something to bring my personality into it.” After brainstorming with Puma’s head of golf shoes Grant Knudson, they came up with the trademark pair that fastens with both velcro and laces. And he’s never been able to stop wearing the things since.


“I wear high-tops all the time for golf. The shoe guys at Puma on the golf side and the lifestyle side got together and did a great job of collaborating.”

The early birds always get the worm, so if you have an extra $200 lying around and lots of love for Rickie Fowler, you really should order the shoes here before they’re sold out.