Caddies tell all; The juiciest things they’ve seen on the golf course

The dirty, the nitty gritty, the disgusting, and the hilarious are all discussed on Reddit. The place you go to hear about all of the wonderful and horrible things people do and see every day.

There are threads upon threads on every topic you can think of, and someone was nice enough to ask the question, “Golf caddies of Reddit – do you overhear a lot of business gossip? If so what’s the juiciest thing you’ve witnessed/overheard?”

These are their stories: DUN DUN.


“I’m a caddy for the wealthiest country club in my college town. I’d say the drug use is the juiciest thing I’ve witnessed. Those old men like their pills.”

These guys should be worrying about keeping their heads down, not up..

“I was a caddie/bagboy in highschool for a CT Country Club. It was a ton of fun, but I never really got to hear any juicy business gossip. Best/oddest thing that happened while I was working was seeing people care more about their own golf tournament vs major sporting events. What I mean is I once got tipped box seats at a yankee game only because the date conflicted with the annual club tournament.

Box seats for holding some old guy’s flag? Not a bad gig. (No pun intended)

“Been a caddy for 11 years at a very high-end resort. Been a great job. I’ve heard a lot of stock tips, seen a lot of drug use (pills, cocaine, mushrooms ect.) and seen a lot of celebrities and have witnessed 5 hole in ones.”

I bet this guy caddied for Bill Murray while he was smoking pot after making a hole in one. Sounds pretty accurate.

“I caddy for my girlfriends dad for extra cash here and there. Mostly for his doctor friends and a lot of them are fucking their nurses and hygienists. Oh and he’s fucking Tim’s wife, but Tim doesn’t tip so…”

Tim is a douchebag. Don’t be like Tim.

“An old woman who golfed twice a week died on the course once. Just fell over and had a heart attack somewhere on the 10th or 11th tee box. She was found by our cart girl, who happened to be her granddaughter. She tried CPR and failed.”

I would be surprised if she died on the course twice!

“Saw a super passive aggressive couple who would come in each week, hire two caddies, and proceed to badmouth their spouse to the caddy the entire time. “Oh, nice hook, John. Looks like all that practice paid off.” “Go ahead and tap the ball further onto the fairway with your foot, Sarah. I mean, cheating is what you’re good at, right?” I think they got off on it, because we’d always see them making out in the bar afterwards.”

People are weird. Whatever works, works though.

Thank you caddies, for bearing the responsibilities of old rich people and the ridiculous things they do on the golf course.