WATCH: Riot Remake Cheats Giants Gaming Out Of Precious EU LCS Victory

Life is tough at the bottom of the EU LCS. With an impressive array of European challenger series teams breathing down their necks, for the league’s relegation threatened squads, Week 7 presented perhaps the Spring Split’s most important set of fixtures. As Giants Gaming faced off against Team Vitality, both sides appreciated the value of a win – yet for Giants Gaming, the series was unfairly stripped from their grasp after Riot’s EU production enforced one of the worst remakes in the game’s history.

After securing the first game in the series, Giant Gaming looked on course to seal their second win of the split over Team Vitality – an invaluable result given the squads precarious position at the bottom of Group A of the EU LCS. With an 8K gold lead, two infernal dragons, the enemy Jungler in the grave and the baron buff set to be captured, a clean 2-0 was all but guaranteed for GIA.

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But before Giants Gaming could secure the buff for their game ending powerplay, Vitality Mid laner Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik Holm paused the game, complaining of a visual bug on his champion, Orianna. The bug caused the champion – whose abilities revolve around the manipulation of a ball – to visually show two balls, one on the ground and one hovering the champion.

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Given the lead Giants had accumulated, few could have imagined that Riot Games’ European production team would issue a complete remake (writing off the game and starting over). Yet seemingly without even consulting Giants, Riot granted Vitality’s request for a remake, much to the disgust of both of both the Giants’ management and the European League of Legends community:

To add salt into the wounds – despite having the series seemingly in the bag – Giants proceeded to lose the series 2-1, leaving the team rooted to the foot of the table. Team Vitality seemed almost embarrassed to have won the game in such a disingenuous fashion:

Frustratingly, the chronobreak tool used in the NA LCS series between FlyQuest eSports and Cloud9 was inexplicably unable for usage within the EU LCS. The technology is understood to still be in beta testing in America, but was not given to the European production team to utilise in the event of game-breaking bugs. Yet even without chronobreak, there was seemingly little validation for remaking what was set to be the conclusive game between the two sides:

“Vitality players were not able to see the Orianna ball anymore in certain instances from approx. 25:52 onwards, putting them at a disadvantageous position.

“In accordance to our rules (section 7.10.5), in case of a critical and verifiable bug, the team disadvantaged by the bug, in this case Vitality, will be presented with the option for a restart.

“We understand that GIA had the gold lead at the time the bug occurred and that VIT accepting a remake when behind can feel unfair, however, in this case the bug was significantly game impacting and for both teams a fair completion of the game, the outcome of which was not decided yet, would not have been possible.”

Marc “Snowbird” Schnell, EU eSports Product Manager

The decisions of the European production team have been placed under the spotlight once more, with Giants Gaming’s future in the EU LCS now in jeopardy as a result of the latest controversy.

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