WATCH: Golfer Picks A Fight With A Duck…Loses!

  • Chesson Hadley is a renowned joker on the PGA TOUR.
  • The player is ranked 265th in the world and is playing in this weeks Honda Classic.

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Chesson Hadley is a professional golfer and owner of “that face you want to punch.” That’s not a slight on the man, he just has one of those smug faces that attract irritation. Would this bother the him? Absolutely not.

“Chesson is one of the few people I know who is like a cartoon character,” said Tech teammate Roberto Castro. “Once he got excited about what he was doing, he’d walk up to the best player in the world and say, ‘Let’s go!’ with that goofy smile.”

The golfer defines everything that is great about professional golf. His career got off to a difficult start, forced to return to his native Raleigh after getting his business management degree from Georgia Tech, the lanky jokester got a job waiting tables at Casa Carbone.

Remaining positive has always been crucial to his success and when you consider he missed tour exemption by $567 in 2014, it’s an admirable trait.

“I am really, really good at not listening to people because I’m so stubborn,”  said Hadley. “I get myself in trouble with my caddie because I so badly want to do it my way, and my wife says I’m good at not listening to her, either.”

I like this guy a lot! He’s plucky, doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s overcome some pretty unfortunate adversity on and off the course to get where he is today. Hats off to the man.