Tiger Woods In Attendance At Jack Nicklaus’ Ryder Cup Party

  • This Ryder Cup party has been in the pipeline for a few months.
  • A long list of potential players came to Jack’s house in Palm Beach.

This photograph is a real “Where’s Waldo” of golfing big names. Take some time to look it over…where’s Tiger, where’s Rickie, where’s Jordan? Give it a go.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter. Jordan Spieth isn’t playing at the Honda this week so he was a no show.

It’s difficult to deny the American’s have a good chance this year. This is the first step of many to move away from an individualised golfing culture that has been holding Team USA back for over a decade. If you’re interested in the reasons why weaker European Teams have been successful, you should see the comments made by Patrick Reed.

There were no wags present at the party – accept for Barbara Nicklaus of course – and from the looks of things a few of the players had sharpened up. No chewing tobacco for Dufner, no “intense eyes” from Dustin, even Phil’s hair had been fashioned into some sort of weird fringe thing. See which team would play – based on current standings – if the tournament was played tomorrow.

Reports have come in that Tiger Woods is now swinger a driver, confirming that his progress is in a far more advanced stage than initially thought. Could this mean he is now a genuine prospect for the Ryder Cup?!

Anyone else getting excited? The Masters is around the corner, there has never been a time where so many players could win majors, and the Ryder Cup is in the back of everyone’s mind. Bring it on!