Ernie Els Just Made The Most Titillating Hole-In-One

Ernie Els just made a hole-in-one, but it wasn’t in the hole you’d expect.



Els missed the cut at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. Although he may have rid himself of the yips, he seems to be hanging by a thread to keep abreast of the top players on Tour this year.

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Ok ok, I’ll get to the point. Before missing the cut at the Zurich Classic, Ernie Els hit a wayward shot and hit a fan in the left boob. I really wish there was a video of it because the reports say that she was knocked down by the sheer force of the impact, against her boob.. Even he was shocked as he went to apologize, seeing that she had been blown away by his shot. Thankfully, the victim was okay and quickly returned to her feet while refusing medical attention.

At this point, Els is having an awful round and wanted to forget the whole ordeal, but some lady in the crowd yelled at him, “Hey Ernie, I loved your boob shot.” To which he replied, “We better send that woman a bullet-proof vest.”

Oh I love the banter and the boob jokes. Hopefully Els will make the cut next time and keep us on our toes with his titillating performance.