Adam Scott Sends Hilarious Gift To Leader Of Anchoring Ban



Adam Scott seems to be doing just fine using a normal putter, with two second place finishes in 2016 so far. Everyone thought it was going to be such a big deal for him when the anchoring ban was finally enforced this year. Instead of falling flat, it seems as though Adam Scott has bounced back with vengeance, and a sense of humor.

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Peter Dawson, who was one of the R&A people at the forefront of enforcing the anchoring ban, has just retired. Scott decided to have a little fun with him and send him one of his now useless long putters as a gag gift.

“I actually sent one to Peter Dawson for his retirement,” Scott said Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

Although Scott didn’t remember the note he sent to Dawson, he did recall the Brit’s reaction.¬†

“He said he greatly appreciated the gesture,” Scott said with a smile. “He said he’d put it with all the other obsolete clubs.”

Hilarious. Looking forward to some of this in 2016: