Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry: Beware of me on the golf course

Sharon Wong

Thompson Curry
Source: Golf Digest

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Two Golden State Warriors are becoming rather competitive about a completely different sport altogether, golf. The team has taken to playing golf as a bonding exercise, with Stephen Curry making an appearance at the Augusta National with Andre Iguodala, who reportedly loves it more than basketball. Now, Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson has been bitten by the golf bug and wants to give him a serious run for his money.

“Everyone knows Steph. He’s a scratch golfer, he’s obviously one of the best, yada, yada, yada, he’s really good,” Thompson said, “But I’m on his heels though.”

He’s talking big, for someone with a 15-handicap. Perhaps he’s gained some confidence from his win over Curry in the Three-Point Contest. He’s also been practicing a lot recently, having been spotted hitting balls on a swing simulator.

He isn’t really too fussed about form either.

“Some of the best shooters of all time have ugly form, but it goes in. That’s all that matters.”