Sergio Garcia’s Greatest Ever Golf Shot Was A Leap Day Classic

  • Sergio Garcia played this shot at the 1999 PGA Championship at Medinah.
  • The tree was removed 7 years ago.

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The young Spaniard seemed certain to lose a shot as he found a tree between his ball and the green, but el nino had other ideas.

“If Sergio had won the tournament we would have put a plaque on that spot. We took it down in the 2009 renovations as it couldn’t be rescued. It had taken a bit of a hammering,” said a spokesperson for Medinah.

“There were days when the green staff found broken shafts there. We were always waiting for the call ­telling us that someone had broken their wrist.

“Pace of play actually increased by 20 minutes after we removed it. Nobody stopped there any more.”

Sergio always seems to find himself in these situations but normally has some ingenious trickery to get him out of jail, well almost always. Happy Leap day everybody!