Petr Cech Crowned King of Czech Republic

Source: Team Talk

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Petr Cech once again reigns supreme in the country that bears his namesake.

The 33-year-old keeper was voted top dog in the Czech Republic by players, coaches, football federation officials, and journalists when they elected him the best footballer in the Czech Republic.

Cech has won the award eight times.

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The Czech goalie, who plays club ball for Arsenal, is best known for his iconic headgear.

He’s worn the helmet since 2006, when a nasty collision with Stephen Hunt nearly killed him

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Cech was rushed into emergency surgery following the injury and carries an imprint of Hunt’s boot on his skull to this day.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail


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As long as he protects that million dollar melon, Cech should have 1, maybe 2 World Cups left in him.