Why Adam Scott Gives Zero F*$@! About The Anchoring Ban

  • Adam Scott won the Honda Classic this weekend
  • He showed us that his putting skills have only gotten better since the ban

The start of the 2016 season is the best Adam Scott has ever had. Many thought that Scott wouldn’t even be in the game anymore because of the recent anchoring ban that was enforced this year. He was well known for using the longer putters and then to suddenly have to give that up and switch to a normal putter is not an easy feat, or so we thought.

Adam Scott won the Honda Classic using a normal putter and it is clear that he gives zero f*cks about the ban. These are the reasons he gave as to why he just doesn’t care:

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Reason #1

Sergio is just like, “Dammnnnn, Scott”.


Reason #2

That moment when you know it’s going to go in..

Reason #3

When the lighting is just right for that perfect fist pump.


Reason #4

Rubbing the ball like it’s buddha.


Reason #5



Feb 29, 2016 11:52