The Top 5 CS:GO Teams to Have Graced Katowice With Their Presence

Max Melit

2017’s Intel Extreme Masters Katowice marks the fifth year in a row that ESL have hosted an international LAN event in Poland. The city has played host to some of the greatest teams and dynasties Counter-Strike has ever known; every game played in the Spodek Arena are played in the shadow of CS:GO’s most legendary names. With this in mind, it’s worthwhile to look back at all the previous tournaments held by ESL in Katowice, and look at who are the best sides to ever grace Poland with their presence.

It should be noted that both EMS One Katowice: 2014, and IEM Katowice 2015 were both majors and as such, a greater significance is placed on the teams results who competed in them. Also, the tournament format at Katowice has changed a couple of times, and the Bo1 round robin groups at the last two Katowice tournaments affected some of the standings.

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