We Look At The Latest Fashion In Professional Golf…Getting Naked

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Golfers these days are becoming less and less afraid of water hazards. Some professionals roll up their pant legs and get right in there, while others go a more dramatic route, by taking off their clothes completely.

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Gary Woodland didn’t want to get his white pants dirty this weekend when he found himself in a playable water hazard, so he decided to take them off.

Although you may think this is a bad shot because it landed in the bunker, you have to remember that the shot was solid from a difficult position, and the golfer didn’t have pants on. It is also greenside so that shot should be nothing for a professional, and Woodland didn’t have to take a penalty stroke for a drop.

Two years ago, this danish golfer took off his pants to make a chip shot from a water hazard that landed pretty well considering the circumstances.

The waddle to mark his ball just makes this shot so much better. I’d say taking his pants off definitely improved his golf swing, or at the very least his humor.

Henrik Stenson is the trend setter when it comes to taking off clothing. He will never live down the moment where he stripped down completely, except for his white undies, in 2009.

Golfers aren’t afraid to get down and dirty anymore. By not taking a drop and taking off some clothes, you save yourself a penalty and you add some style to your game. It makes things exciting, in more ways than one.

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