You Won’t Believe Where Nike Got The Idea For Their Latest Campaign

Nike running
Traditionally Nike commercials have shown athletes with “post-workout smugness disorder.” Tragically. these runners are destined to satisfied breathlessness forever and ever. To make this asthmatic viewing experience harder on our inadequacy complex, we are usually in the middle of a very normalising ritual.

Perhaps it could be staring at the hardest decision of Saturday morning: is this congealed garlic and herb dip recoverable, or will last night’s pizza be on its own for this disgusting breakfast?

Weekend rituals aside, Nike’s latest campaign has broken from a similarly predictable storyline. With the greatest marketing breakthrough since Don Draper threw on a tie, poured a scotch and pitched some vague BS about women smoking. Nike have broken out the box and it’s the future – pun will become obvious very soon.

Nike, what’s in the box?


Look familiar…


Still with this box anonymity thing…

Hands down!? I’ve seen the future @nikerunning ?#LunarEpic

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Seriously Nike, tell us what’s in the box!

Is this cliff-hanging technique doing the job for you? Should we be careful what boxes we want to open or will Nike’s latest journey keep them mounted on top of the running shoe scene? Either way, if they keep plagiarising from my favourite movie legends, they’re going to need a little more subtlety.

I’m sorry Nike I didn’t mean it…