Billy Horschel Has An Awesome View On Tiger Woods’ Eventual Return


Billy Horschel was at the Ryder Cup dinner that has been at the forefront of golf news. The reason for this is because Tiger Woods was there and everyone had something to say about his condition. Especially since the rumors being passed around, Tiger had some ground to clear up, and that came through mostly the voices of other golfers.

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Believe it or not no matter how competitive these professionals are, they thrive off the vibes of each other and they want that competition. They truly appreciate and enjoy each other, as people and as rivals.

Horschel commented on Woods, telling ESPN, “Tiger looked great. Looked in great shape. I saw him in the Bahamas at the Hero World Challenge and he was in rough shape, and he said that. Last night, he looked really good. He said he’s excited to be progressing and, hopefully, he’ll get back out here and kick our ass.”


Between the Hero World Challenge and now, Tiger had been keeping his status on the DL, not coming out publicly often to discuss his current situation. For some reason that makes people go crazy and come up with anything and everything they can just to create some buzz for themselves. *Cough* Robert Lusetich *Cough*

Tiger discussed this with Jimmy Walker when they saw each other at the Ryder Cup dinner.

“I talked to him for just a second. I said, ‘Wow, you’re standing up, you’re not dead,’” Jimmy Walker told Golf Channel.” He said, ‘I know, everyone thinks I’m dead now.’ I said, ‘I’m glad you’re here,’ and he said, ‘I wouldn’t miss it.’”

The future is unclear for Tiger Woods at the moment, but if you’re a true golf fan you know that this is not the end. Let’s let the guy recover on his own time at his own pace. I believe the later he comes back the better he’ll be for it.