ANALYSIS: Dead Weight Keith Is Sinking Echo Fox’s Playoff Ambitions

Yuri “Keith” Jew is an enigma of the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Historically regarded as a ‘Mr. Motivator’ figure – acquired by teams as a substitute to rejuvenate starting AD Carry’s, the underperforming Echo Fox man is now frequently considered to be the cause for the his roster’s inconsistent results.

After finally securing a starting spot within one of the most promising, high-budget organisations in the NA LCS, Keith has seemingly squandered the opportunity to deliver on stage. Whilst instability and lack of structure could be cited as reasoning for the AD Carry’s poor performances in the past, within the current iteration of the Echo Fox roster, Keith’s frequent costly mistakes have been laid bare for all to see.

On the back of yet another winless weekend for the nose-diving Echo Fox, the team’s fanbase are once again calling for a revamp in the team’s bot lane.

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For an Echo Fox fan, Keith’s statistics in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split hardly make for pleasant reading. When comparing important performance based stats (with the exclusion of Team Liquid’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Young-bin “Youngbin” Chung, who have yet to play more than one weekend of fixtures respectively), Keith generally scores the worst of all ADC’s across the board:

KDA Ratio – 2.7 (Worst in the NA LCS)
Total Kills – 92 (Tied Worst in the NA LCS with FLY Altec)
Deaths – 108 (The Most of any AD Carry)
Kill Participation – 60% (The worst percentage in the league)
CS per minute – 7.6 (The Worst of any AD Carry)

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Do the statistics provide a fair assessment of Keith’s contribution to Echo Fox? Following the signing of Top laner Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok, coupled with the strong performances produced by Jungler Matt “Akaadian” Higginbotham and Mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen, an 8th place finish simply isn’t in line with the organisations ambitions.

Yet with two import slots utilised for the team’s Top and Mid laners, the bot lane combination of Keith and Support Austin “Gate” Yu was certainly a forced hand, given that every proven native bot lane duo had already been locked down by rival organisations.

Whilst Gate might not be a top-tier Support, there have been far too many occasions throughout the split where Keith’s shambolic positioning has put FOX at a significant disadvantage. Perhaps the blunder that will live longest in the memory is the inexcusable episode vs fellow strugglers, Team Liquid. After being saved from certain peril by Gate, Keith inexplicably walks out of cover to sponge a 4th Jhin shot. Less that a minute later and a completely harmless situation for Echo Fox has resulted in three enemy kills and a significant deficit.

These ‘facepalm moments’ are by no means infrequent. Keith is notoriously the first man to die in Echo Fox teamfights, often of account of his sub-standard positioning; no amount of immaculate support play could keep the Echo Fox AD Carry alive.

Echo Fox undoubtedly possess prowess in the top half of the map, with solid Top and Mid laners and a Jungler contesting the Rookie of the Split accolade, under normal circumstances FOX would be challenging for the summit of the playoff positions. It speaks volumes that the series in which Echo Fox emerge with victories are the same games in which Keith is essentially invisible on the scoreboard.

With Echo Fox desperately treading water to keep their head above the surface, Keith is acting as a ball and chain tied around their ankles; a dead weight dragging them down to the depths. The AD Carry’s statistics speak for themselves, there can be no excusing such abhorrent figures.

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