Benteke Was Right To Launch His Astonishing Attack On Jurgen Klopp

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

After the public dressing down Jurgen Klopp gave Christian Benteke against Southampton, the Liverpool striker has hit back whilst away on international duty:

“Some team-mates have said that I was lucky with the arrival of Klopp, because I certainly would play.

“When your coach says he wanted to take you to Dortmund and a little later you sit at the same club and he ignores you, it is hard to understand.

“I do not understand why people say that (I cannot fit in at Liverpool).

“I can play pressing and moving a lot. It is not that we play in the Barcelona style.”

Christian Benteke


Following Brendan Rodgers’ decision to spend £32million on the Belgium striker last summer, Benteke has made just 12 Premier League starts and completed 90 minutes only twice since 30th January this year.

When you read statistics like that, you can certainly understand Benteke’s frustrations and desire not to churn out the usual cliche propaganda bullshit when questioned about his current situation.

The issue here is that Benteke has been put up as some sort of scapegoat for Liverpool’s struggles this season and Klopp seems happy for that to be the case.Therefore, why shouldn’t Benteke have his say on the situation? Klopp clearly doesn’t have an issue with dirty laundry being aired in public.


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Klopp’s use of the former Aston Villa striker feels very calculated and tactical. We don’t mean in a footballing sense, but in a way to highlight the failings of Rodgers to distance himself from any failures that Liverpool have had since he has taken over. Newsflash, Jurgen, throwing away a two-goal lead against Southampton is all on you, mate.

The German is a tiresome fellow with his over-the-top and staged theatrics. Just like he was at Dortmund

Benteke may well be the first Reds player to call him out, but he certainly won’t be the last.

Your thoughts?

Was Benteke right to go public with his Liverpool issues?

Klopp did it to him, so he had every right to!

Nope. That’s poor from Benteke.