The Most Influential Person In Rickie Fowler’s Life Isn’t Who You’d Expect



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Rickie Fowler is known for his free spirit, positive attitude, and constant determination to be better every day. He has become an influential figure in golf for not only millennials but younger and older fans alike. He didn’t become this way on his own, and gives a lot of credit for his outlook on life to one person in particular. His grandfather, Tanaka.


Recently Rickie was seen with a new tattoo that he said was in honor of Tanaka. He sported the tat on an Instagram post with the caption saying, “One of the most influential people in my life and the one who introduced me to the game, my grandpa…awesome to be able to have him here this week walking around and on my arm forever”.

Tanaka was moved when his grandson had his name in Japanese tattooed on the inside of his left biceps. “I thought, Wow, that’s a tender place; had to hurt,” he laughs before becoming emotional. “Rickie did that with a deep feeling. It touched me pretty good.”


Fowler says his grandfather underestimates his influence after he said that he got most of his characteristics from his parents. “Being around him gave me an attitude toward life. He’s always in a good mood. He loves having people around him. He treats people the right way. Loves life. He’s just … happy. It’s the way I try to be.”