This pro golfer had no idea that his heart had stopped working in the middle of a tournament

Sharon Wong

Jason Bohn
Source: LM Otero, Associated Press

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Possibly the worst thing to happen in the midst of a tournament. Golfer Jason Bohn had just capped off his second round at the Honda Classic with a two-over-72 when his chest seized in pain. After seeing the tour medics on-site, he had to be rushed to the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center where it was confirmed that he had been stricken by a mild heart attack. Apparently, one of his arteries was stopped up by an astounding 99 percent blockage. We suppose it goes without saying that he had to withdraw from the tournament altogether.


The most remarkable thing about this was that Bohn had no idea that he was having a heart attack. During a segment on the PGA Tour radio, he revealed what a close call the whole affair turned out to be.

“The craziest part about the whole situation is that I had no idea that I was having a heart attack… My doctors have all told me that had I passed out or gone down on the golf course that they really don’t think that they would have had time to get the proper blood thinners in me, and put the stent in that they were able to do in time. I got one hell of a mulligan, Matt. That’s all I can say.”

Here’s the full soundbyte of the interview where he talks about his harrowing experience.