John Daly Won’t Let Women And Booze Interfere With His True Love

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John Daly’s Instagram

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John Daly Is Joining The Senior Tour In May

John Daly is one of those golfers who is known for reasons other than his playing abilities, although we all know he’s a player. In the past two years, Daly has only competed in a total of 25 tournaments, making it into the top ten only once between the two. His record may not be as shiny as some other professionals but he is the only golfer to have a positive attitude about carding a 12 on a par-4.

“It was a good 12. I got up and down for 12.”

John Daly

Daly is mostly known for his unconventional garb and his vices (drinking and smoking on the course). He has been busy doing things other than golf, like opening a steakhouse restaurant where he grew up and promoting his alcoholic Arnold Palmer drink.



Good news for any Daly fan: he will be making his debut on the Champions Tour this May! LoudMouth, the company that provides Daly with his swagger, presented this video of his swing and it is out of control.

He brings the club so far back, he could probably knock himself out! Who even knew he could turn so well. I guess his belly doesn’t get in the way as much as you’d think!

John Daly has a gorgeous swing and he will definitely be spicing things up on the Champions Tour. Can’t wait to see his sweet pants amidst boring old slacks.