Feared Centerback Nemanja Vidic Returns To Manchester United

Beloved defender Nemanja Vidic is back with the Red Devils, but not quite like you remember.

vidic ferdinand

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Instead of patrolling the back line, knockin’ heads with Rio Ferdinand, Vidic is serving as the club’s ambassador before they embark on a promotional tour in China later this year.

The marquee event of their China visit will be a July 25th meeting in Beijing with arch rivals Manchester City.

They also play Borussia Dortmund on July 28th in Shanghai.

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Source: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images


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United, like most major clubs, does an annual goodwill/promotional tour overseas to drum up interest in the club.

This will be their first trip to China – where they have an estimated 107 million fans – since 2013.

American fans got to see Manchester United crisscross the country in 2014 and 2015.

These promotional trips are great for the growth of the game, however, fans shouldn’t go in expecting to see a real game.

First team players – the Rooneys and Schweinstaggers – will play the first half at about 80% before retiring to the bench to play Candy Crush on their phones for the second half.

But hey, when Manchester United comes to your city, you go.


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Who would you rather have watching your back?