‘MSN’ Star Punished By Barcelona As Enrique Lays Down The Law

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

You’d think for all the gazillions they earn every second that Barcelona’s Neymar and Pique would invest in a watch.

The front page of Spanish outlet Sport have published a list showing which Barca players have been fined during this season for arriving late for training and/or games.

Luis Enrique has put in a system where players are fined €200 for being late to training, a price which then increases by €200 for every further offence. Being late for a game is, naturally, deemed more severe with the fine starting at €400 and multiplied by four for every offence after that.

Source: Sport
Source: Sport

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Former Manchester United defender Pique is the worst offender by a long way. However, when you remember that the 29-year-old is married to Shakira, it’s easy to understand why he’s regularly late for some Tika-taka:

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There’s probably something to be taken from the fact that Lionel Messi, the best player in world football, and Luis Suarez, top scorer in La Liga this season, are currently yet to be fined. Work ethic is everything in football and the duo clearly are as dedicated as they’re talented.

Given the high standards at the Nou Camp, you can imagine there’s quite a few strict rules in place with an even stricter fine system.

Play a long ball

Punishment: Clean Luis Enrique’s car whilst it’s raining

Give away possession

Punishment: Death

Don’t get away with play acting

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Punishment: 10,000 laps of the Nou Camp