Ronaldo says it’s “cowardly” to do this to Neymar

Sharon Wong

Source: Wikimedia

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What do you call a man with options? Most of us would say he’s a lucky guy. Ronaldo, however, thinks it’s utterly lily-livered to put him in that position. At least, he feels that it shouldn’t even have to be an either-or situation when it comes to playing at the Copa America in June or the Rio Summer Olympics in August. The fact that they’re making Neymar choose between the two is a disgrace.

Ronaldo from Brazil

“I think it’s cowardly that he has to choose what competition he wants to play in.”

“What we see is few care about the calendar, and we see more games and more competitions, and the players have less vacation time.”

Neymar’s being forced to make a decision to play in one tournament or the other. Apparently, Barca isn’t willing to overwork any of their star athletes during the off-season. As far as Ronaldo is concerned, they should never even have considered depriving a player of Neymar’s calibre from representing his homeland in the world’s greatest sporting event. The glory of bringing home Brazil’s first gold medal in football is simply not an opportunity you pass up.


“I would opt to play in the Olympics,” the 39-year old boldly declared, “It would be something unheard of if they could get a gold medal at the games in Rio. 

“I don’t know what the situation is like, but ideally, how wonderful it would be for Neymar to tell that story.”

Harsh words, but we empathise. We don’t know if we’d call it cowardly, it certainly seems unfair that a bright young talent like Neymar will have to choose between bringing his A-Game to the Copa America and the opportunity to give Brazil its moment in the sun. We’d have thought it’d be a shoe-in for for the likes of him. I mean, we’d have thought you’d choose your best and brightest if you have any intention of winning. Common sense, right?


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