Luke Donald Was Wrongly Tagged In A Donald Trump Tweet And His Response Is Perfect

Luke Donald, former number one in the world, was tagged in an unlikely post today. As you are already aware, Donald Trump is running for presidency and having a similar name, was tagged in a post reflecting on Super Tuesday.

Luke had no problem playing along with the tweet and had the perfect response:

“Cant wait!!” you might say isn’t a crazy funny response but the fact that he responded at all and quoted the tweet is enough to make it great. I love when golfers have a sense of humor, because that’s not something they’re necessarily known for. Instead of correcting the wrong or not responding at all, he just took it for what it was, a funny mistake (which is how I feel about Trumps presidency in the first place).

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The responses to Luke’s tweet were even funnier though, because fans started asking him questions as if he were actually the one running. This may have been his plan all along but here are some of the best ones:

I agree. If only Luke Donald was American..