WATCH: Remember when Paul Casey savagely humiliated his caddie?

Paul Casey agreed that his caddie could keep the car if he got a hole-in-one.
caddie celebrates
Craig Connelly is a highly respected caddie from the greatest caddie nation on the planet, Scotland. He was caddying for Paul casey at the 2012 WGC Cadillac when he had one of the most heart wrenching experiences I’ve ever seen on a golf course.

Earlier in the week Paul Casey had agreed to give his bagman a car if he successfully holed out on one of the par threes. The problem was of course that you had to do this on the 13th hole and not on the 15th as Craig had thought.

Why the f-ing hell would they put the car right next to the tee box? What cruel mockery Craig must have endured, compounded by the fact his boss wasn’t having the best year in 2012.

Paul Casey now leads the Deutsche Bank Championship by the three shots. The Englishman is looking to selvage what would be an otherwise modest season.