Jurgen Klinsmann Could Be Making A Huge Mistake

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The United States is at a crossroads.

Two goalies, one net. Some people will tell you that’s a good problem to have, but others will say if you have two quarterbacks, you have none.

Jürgen Klinsmann will start Tim Howard in goal if he knows what’s good for him.

Brad Guzan is good, but Howard is better.

Unfortunately, the heavily tattooed, big-beard-having keeper is on double secret probation.

His status as persistent violator may cost him his rightful spot as starting keeper.

Howard’s infractions are numerous.

His post-World Cup hiatus from the United States men’s national team is his gravest offense. Them felony charges, son.

A goalie is supposed to be a steely-eyed gladiator. Howard taking a year off to hang out with his kids is off brand. The last thing Klinsmann needs is a big softie in goal.

You saw how Klinsmann did Landon Donovan when his heart wasn’t in it. Swear loyalty to your king or face exile forever.

Wanting to be a father to his children wasn’t Howard’s only sin.

His recent decision to leave Everton and join the Colorado Rapids puts him back in the MLS, arguably Kllinsmann’s least favorite league.

Brad Guzan plays for Aston Villa. It’s not Germany, but hey – at least it’s in Europe. +5 Klinsmann points.

That being said, Guzan looks like an egg.

I mean, who do you want in goal: an egg or a big man with a beard?

Looks aside, Howard is the better keeper.

He’s always been part of the solution for the United States, never part of the problem.

He’s got 2 World Cups under his belt.

He played good in South Africa in 2010.

Watch as his quick decision making sets up Landon Donovan for a goal during the group stage in the 2010 World Cup.

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You think Brad Guzan is making that play?

Howard played even better in Brazil in 2014. He was probably the United States’ best player in the whole tournament. He was the only reason the game against Belgium was competitive.

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Tim Howard has been good for the U.S.

Just ’cause he needed a little time to chill and recharge the batts after Brazil doesn’t mean he should forfeit his starting job indefinitely.

Brad Guzan is a good keeper, don’t get me wrong.

But Tim Howard shows up big when the lights are brightest, and that’s why he’s the United States’ best option for the forseeable future.

Goalies are like elephants – they’re big and they live a long time.

So the fact that Howard is 37 shouldn’t be too alarming.

Yes, he’s approaching the end of his career. He can probably see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He’s got another World Cup in him though.

Experience is a good thing for a goalie. You don’t want no rookie between the sticks who’s gonna spook. You could bust a gun Tim Howard wouldn’t jump.

He’s the best chance the U.S. has at doing well in the Copa America, too.

With Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico all on American soil, it will be the biggest soccer tournament since the country hosted the World Cup in ’94.

But this time the game’s got more shine. The MLS has come a long way since then. Hell, the league was formed as part of the country’s bid to host the World Cup. Back then, it was a facade; something created to legitimize the United States as a host nation.

Now, you’ve got Frank Lampard, David Villa, and Andrea Pirlo on the same team. That’s progress.

If America is to truly lift itself out of soccer poverty, they’ve got to field their top 11 every game.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Tim Howard is the United States’ best keeper right now.


Who should start for the U.S.?

Brad Guzan

Tim Howard