This Unconventional Lineup Gives The USA Its Best Chance To Win


It’s maddening that the United States is not able to consistently field a quality starting 11.

With 320 million people to choose from, the lineup should be looking like an all-star roster every game.

But more often than not, Jürgen’s sides leave me scratching my head.

“Why is he starting [insert fuckboy]?”

This is what the United States’ starting lineup should look like:


soccer field

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Tim Howard is the best keeper the United States has. Brad Guzan has been serviceable in Howard’s absence, but the big dog is back and ready to go.


Geoff Cameron and Matt Besler are experienced center-backs who can shore up the middle of the defense. John Brooks has the potential to be one of the anchors of the defense in the future, but he’s still a little young to dislodge either of these two from the starting lineup.

DeAndre Yedlin has the speed to cause problems down the right wing and he loves to attack. You’ll be seeing him for years to come on the right side.

Steve Brinbaum is not necessarily a natural left back, but he’s shown he has the versatility to play anywhere on defense. He’s coming off a great performance against Iceland at the end of January where he had a goal and an assist.


Michael Bradley is the warden in midfield. Everything runs through him.

Darlington Nagbe and Mix Diskerud both have the capacity to cause problems for the other team down the flanks.

Fabian Johnson has turned into one of the United States’ best attacking players. He’s dangerous, fast, and capable of linking up with Altidore and Dempsey in tight spaces to produce goals. He’s too valuable to confine to one side of the field.


Jozy Altidore is a big ox who vacillates between hot and cold. You’ve seen good things and you’ve seen futility. Hopefully he shows up. If not, Bobby Wood is itching to get out there.

Clint Dempsey is an OG. Sometimes he tries to get a little too tricky but at least he cares. He’s not going to stand for all type of fuckry out there. Good to see him back with the team.

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Jürgen may see things differently, but this lineup gives the United States its best shot to win right now.

What do you think?

You’re The Coach Now

What changes would you make to this lineup?